who we are

Nature’s infinite palette of garden blooms and the magical signature of blossoms inspired Daniel Ost to run a small independent business in 1979.

What Daniel first started in his home in the heart of the Waasland region has blossomed into a fully-fledged business. We work around the clock to develop fine and unforgettable floral arrangements that stand out as incredible sensorial experiences: from beautiful bouquets combining flowers, foliage and berries to breath-taking and bespoke arrangements.

Today, Daniel Ost is a master floral design company where a close-knit team has translated natural element into an unparalleled work of floral art.

Art Direction

Daniel Ost is more than floral art. It stands for impeccable design. True creativity has no limits. Our team members are not only florists; they are specialists designers, garden and landscape architects, product developers and much more.